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everyone deserves photos of themselves and their loved ones that they want to look at again & again.

I believe that we should all have pictures of us and the people around us, and that we should take them often, at least once a year. And I want for all of us to take these photos with joy and love for ourselves. So, on your shoot day, I'm not just your photographer, but I'm your friend and confidante, your nanny, your hair stylist and your c0nfidence coach.

You know, I got into photography because I wanted to make people feel good about themselves, and to this day this is my main aim for every shoot. I myself know that I am so much more comfortable being on the other side of the camera. But at the same time I also want my kids to have photos of all of us together, of our lives, of the way we connect, the way we hug and kiss. But still, sometimes all I can see in pictures of us is how I don't like myself and the way I look. So, if you are anything like me and you've got those certain insecurities, know that I've got you.

I am here to capture all that magic between you while making sure that you will love yourself in the photos afterwards. Promise.


if i had to name my super power, it would be that i can make you look and feel amazing

you are always at the center of my shoots, without exception

My photos are never about the landscapes & the scenery. They are about you. The scenery is there to make you feel the way you want to feel in your photos, but I care most about you. That's why I get real close with my camera for so many of my shots.

During our shoot I will most likely squeal in delight countless times – because witnessing all those little ways in how you connect to one another make me ridiculously giddy – and I will shower you with compliments. I can never hide my excitement about what we are creating together, because when I look through the lens, I can see how much you'll love these shots.

When people ask me what our shoot is going to be like, I want to say "like you're hanging out with a good friend". That's what I aim for and that's what I hear from the people in front of my lens too. We meet up, we chat, we laugh a lot, I make sure that all your wishes are heard, I take a million pictures (okay, almost) and we say goodbye with smiles on our faces.

closeness, connection & getting excited over the tiniest details are my jam

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We all have things we don't like about ourselves, and they easily stand in the way of getting our photo taken. I know this, because I'm Miss Insecurities myself. And no matter how many times a photographer tells me that I look amazing, it doesn't do anything if I don't like myself in the photos afterwards. 

I want you to feel confident and love yourself in the photos, it's so important. And to get that done I do whatever it takes. I listen, I ask, I notice the way you hide certain things, how you carry yourself. I make mental notes of everything, so that I can find the angles that you love most about yourself.

I am ALL for body liberation and positivity, but I know that accepting ourselves the way we are is a lifelong process for some, and honestly, I want us to have these moments with our loved ones where we don't need to worry about any of it. Where we can just feel good about ourselves and cherish these memories in the making. It's what I want for myself when I take photos with my daughters – and it's what I want for you.

for everyone who has a hard time loving themselves in photos

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Susanna, you are a miracle worker.

a voice mail from Jannamari after I sent her their family gallery


You just did something that nobody has ever succeeded in before. These photos are so wonderful and full of love – you got my husband to be in the moment and the kids to relax and just be themselves. And me? I see myself in beautiful pictures – something that has never happened before. Even in full-body ones! A-ma-zing!! Thank you really doesn't cut it right now, I feel so much more than that, but thank you anyway, a million times. You exceeded all expectations and then some! 


They are much more than brand photos to me. They are my source of strength.


I have always admired Susanna's way of photographing and telling stories in such rich and natural ways. And so, for my branding images, I knew I had to book her. She flew in to Oulu from Helsinki in October and we spent the day at my studio together. And even though I was so nervous beforehand, during the session I was totally comfortable. After the shoot I felt so empowered that I wondered why I had never booked a session like this for just myself before. Susanna captured the exact feeling I wanted and my brand needed. The images tell my story, without words.

We had so much fun during our shoot!

A & J


"We've never had photos taken of us as a couple, and so before the shoot we were incredibly nervous! But somehow you got us to relax right away and we had so much fun during our shoot! We almost didn't believe it was us in the photos when you showed us some sneak peeks already during the shoot from your camera screen - the images looked so amazing. Thank you, Suski, so so much!"

Some years back, I was travelling with my family for our annual road trip through the Czech Republic. My father and his wife, my brothers and our little family of three. Stella, our daughter was just a year and a half back then. It was the final leg of our road trip, and we spent one night in Prague in a beautiful apartment in the centre of the old town.

 At the end of this very hot day, I sat down by the window overlooking the square with Stella on my lap. The air had started to cool down and it was slowly starting to get dark. Every ten minutes we could hear the horses on the cobblestones. Drawing tourist carriages through the street below our window. We sat there for a long time just waiting for the horses and watching them trot by again and again.

Our trip until then had been so busy. Exploring new places every day, our toddler running everywhere at all times, never taking a break. She was at that age where she hardly ever stayed still, and she certainly didn’t have time for cuddles. So, these moments spent with Stella sitting on the window sill in this gorgeous old place in Prague, felt so precious and fleeting. We hugged, kissed and talked, got excited each time the horse carriages passed by.

 I wanted to soak in every moment.

 My dad took a few photos of us while we sat there. And these pictures are some of the most precious photographs anybody has ever taken of me. Every time I look at them, I feel transported back to that evening and the way I was so overwhelmed with love and affection for my little daughter.I want you to have the same kind of images. Photos that feel so real and are so full of memories of precious moments, that they bring tears to your eyes every time you look at them.

these photos of my daughter and me changed the way I approach photography forever


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