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What is it about?

People don't buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.

A brand shoot is much more than just headshots of the people behind it. At its best, a brand shoot tells rich stories of your products, your services and the people you are serving. Photos like that draw in your ideal clients like magnets – they make them feel seen and understood. Like you know what they need and desire before they even know it themselves.

I want to help your business stand out from the rest, highlighting exactly what makes you different – and attract those dream clients. Whether you need help with full branding shoots, catalogue or collection photos or simply a few headshots to complete your brand imagery, I'm here for you. Let's create magic together!

photos with purpose

We plan every shoot exactly around your needs. Where will you use your photos and what function do they serve? Do you want to sell a specific product, do you want to introduce yourself and your staff, do you want to create trust and connection between your brand and your ideal clients?

telling your brand story

When planning your shoot, let's look at your overall brand presence first. Do you really need just those head shots or are you just following in the footsteps of other businesses in your industry? Let us make sure that your brand story is out there, as rich and engaging as your passion for your work.

planning together

You know your brand best. I know photography. So, let's make the planning process collaborative! I will work with you, your marketing team, your existing vendors – whatever is needed to create a shoot that helps you achieve your goals.

no limits on time & place

I am a firm believer of making the most with what we are given. Your brand story should be told exactly the way you imagine, so if that means a weeklong shoot in Italy or a midnight shoot in Tokyo, I'm game. There are no limitations on a time, duration and place. I'll always prepare a detailed quote just for you.

attracting your ideal client

Taking photos that get attention is one thing, but we want to create imagery that gets that attention from your ideal audience. Let's dive deep into who they are when planning your shoot. The better we understand their hidden needs, desires and struggles, the better we can create story imagery that draws them in.

direction, styling, etc

When planning your shoot, I may recommend the help of a brand creative director, stylist, hair & make-up artist or other creative. I work with some of the best people in the field that are sure to bring out the absolute best in your brand to create imagery that is everything you could hope for and more.

the details

inquire for your shoot 

LET's talk ABOUT YOUR brand photos!

If you're interested in getting your brand imagery to that next level, let's schedule a call and talk about your hopes and dreams for your business. By getting to know your business and goals, I can evaluate more easily what's needed to get you there.

We'll talk details from ideal client attraction, over the purpose of your brand photos, your budget and more. I'll then be able to create a detailed proposal for your ideal brand shoot.

let me get to know your brand & business

Susanna's way of capturing the feeling, the essence of a brand is second to none. She doesn't just take photos, she creates magic.

Michaela of hnstly Co

what people say about my brand shoots

Susanna is always one of my top choices when working on brand imagery for clients. She is a breeze to work with, people love her and she truly immerses herself into the client's brand instead of creating for herself.

She takes her time to understand the brand way beyond just the looks and style. And this is what makes her photos so powerful. The feelings and atmosphere she captures draw in that ideal audience like a magnet.

It was so easy and natural to be in front of Susanna's lens!

Emmi of Meo Little Hoi An

what people say about my brand shoots

The new images will have a massive impact on our little brand's visibility.

I want all the images, products, and other materials to embody our story as authentically as possible.
In the images taken by Susanna, the details stand out wonderfully and I couldn't have asked for anything more.


Singer Songwriter Elisabeth Ehrnrooth

what people say about my brand shoots

When I met Susanna, there was an immediate trust and the atmosphere was relaxed, warm and a little bit magical.

Susanna made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and I feel like she captured the authentic and honest side of me. Something that I hadn’t seen in pictures taken of me before.

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