A Baby Bubble Session in Long Island City, New York

I spent the most wonderful day with this little family of three. Leila was just three months old during their family shoot, and her parents were still completely immersed in that magic baby bubble. New York can be intimidating with its bustling crowds and its sheer size, but it felt like time had slowed down in this apartment, the noises of the city muted, instead I hear the soft sounds of the baby cooing. It felt like their home was the safest place on earth and nothing could burst this bubble.

Capturing it was magic I will never forget.

A few words from the family:

“Susanna’s craft breaths effortlessness and authenticity. She’s one of those rare photographers in the world who can’t seem to snap a bad photo and always has the perfect framing. My family had the pleasure of being in front of her lens and we absolutely loved working with her. Unlike other photographers, Susanna doesn’t have to guide her subjects to make certain poses, she sees the beauty in the moments and captures the story as it unfolds. When you hire Susanna you can be certain that you hire real talent and the results are going to be magical.”

Capturing the precious everyday

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x Susanna