meo little hoi an

A Brand Story

a few words from Emmi, the founder of Meo Little Hoi An:

"It was so easy and natural to be in front of Susanna's lens! I was a bit nervous about the shoot beforehand, as it would be the first time I'd be in the photos when it comes to our brand images. But the day went by so quickly and I felt so natural and relaxed that I completely forgot about the camera!

The shoot locations were really nicely thought out and they reinforced the feeling I want to bring out in our products and story. Susanna had clearly put a lot of effort into researching and understanding our brand and what we stand for. As a result, the images really look like us. My wish was that the images would come across as authentic, momentary, and aesthetically pleasing, and it was all executed out perfectly.

The new images will have a massive impact on our little brand's visibility. I want all the images, products, and other materials to embody our story as authentically as possible. In the images taken by Susanna, the details stand out wonderfully and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Thank you." 

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x Susanna