A Couple Shoot

In a time like this, we are reminded more than ever what is truly important— not the big moments, the milestones, the special occasions, nor the vacations we look forward to.
Our real-life happens in those quiet, mundane moments in between. These moments are fleeting and seem insignificant most days, but looking back, most often they end up being the times we treasure the most.

To me, happiness is when we find pleasure in the now— in these everyday moments— when we appreciate all that we have and learn to revel in this simplicity.

Daphne and Jack are two people who seemed to have known this secret to being happy all along. When we sat down to talk about their love shoot, they were unsure about which parts of their lives would be worth capturing. They listed their favorite things to do together and said they are happiest when conquering the New York Times crossword puzzle together, reading to one another from their favorite books, when they’re out with their dog or when art history major Daphne gets to spend hours at the MET.

They talked about these things as if they were nothing special as if I certainly wouldn’t want to plan a shoot around mundane activities like those.

But our philosophy is the opposite. We know that capturing a person in their most natural, comfortable environment, letting them do what they know and love, will ultimately allow them to shine in the most profound way. The images might not turn out “epic” by any standard in which our Instagram world dictates, but they are honest and authentic.

For us, they are true glimpses into the lives of real humans.

For them, keepsakes to treasure forever.

While we are at home with our loved ones, stressed about our health, income, and the future, let us focus on the moments spent doing what we love. Let us focus on the time spent with the people we love because this time is also fleeting; It will pass. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of ruminating on the chaos, we remembered it for the beautiful, quiet moments instead?

​Text: Michaela of hnstly.co
Story design & creative direction: Michaela of hnstly.co
Film lab: Photovision
Featured on B.E Publishing

Capturing the precious everyday

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